18 December 2008

15 December 2008

lovely find

past saturday i had a visit at holy shit shopping here in berlin, where plenty of young (and mostly local) designers sold their stuff. one of them was melbourne-based artist Simon MacEwan.*lost in the woods* (visit his flickr site here.) his brooches are made out of handcut (!) acrylic and woodgrain laminate...i bought these pretty ones:

(so happy :)

12 December 2008

still life

with a mirror. seems like floating, shot today.
today is also my last day before holidays, weather is still shitty (cold & wet).
i`m going into a letter-exhibition today...abc! yeah...hope its cool.

03 December 2008


i`m so busy these days. my tabletop is a mess. i don`t have time or power left to be crafty or inventive for my personal stuff. that`s quite depressing... but i keep on.:) i`m looking forward to christmas vacations..:)

01 December 2008


Photo made by me.
Have fun, good night.